Friday, July 29, 2011

A Little of Life's Design

I read several years ago that if you were interested in changing the design of things in your home or your wardrobe you should make a design folder.  I made one, and just like they said, after a while, you see a pattern emerge of the things you like!! 

Bascially, this is what Pinterest does for me as well!!  I started pinning some rooms I liked last night, and when I stopped and really looked at all of them, it's not hard to see the sort of room design/colors I like.  :) 

What's really funny to me is that my current living room nowhere resembles any of these!!  I have brown couches and there are about ten thousand toys everywhere this morning!!  These photos are an inspiration to me to try and get my home to where I absolutely love everything about each room, and it makes others comfortable when they come to visit!! 

I love the openness of this room....the non clutter, the shade of the furniture and walls

Would loooove to have this view!!  I live on seven acres and love the country life.....but I also love the city too!! I love the tables and rug, but would do a different couch.  LOL the shades of everything once again are what I adore!!

Once again love the non clutter and shade of furniture and I REALLY love the lighting!!  I'm trying to duplicate that in my home right now!!

LOL love the rock wall with TV and once again the shade of the furniture....not the dark so much just the light!!

I only love the chairs in this photo....lmao the rest is hideous to me.....but I could see having those chairs!!

I love this couch and the lighting.....wish I had it right now!!

The point of this blog is to inspire.  Go make a design folder for yourself, see what kind of fun patterns emerge that you didn't even realize!!  Sometimes you learn something new about yourself!! 

Have a spectacular weekend!!

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