Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tuesday Adventure!!

I just love short little day trips up to the DFW area to just run around and go shopping!!

My daughter, grandson and I made an afternoon of it and hit the Allen Outlet Mall!! 

We stopped at the GUESS outlet and she picked up a purse she was eyeing the last time we were up here!!  I need one so badly, I don't know what I was thinking buying a WHITE purse to have in East Texas.  I brought it to one too many T Ball games and now it is East Texas Mud Red.

In between stores my grandson BEGGED us to let him ride on the little coin operated "rides"....he wanted to ride every single one!!  You could spend a small fortune there for as many of those rides as they have almost in front of every single store!!  Ack!!

I stopped in a Gymboree and as always had to buy my little granddaughter some suuuuper cute little dresses.....who doesn't love to buy Gymboree at discount prices?!?!  I also got her some leggings and my grandson a  shirt and left out of there only spending close to $30 so for five things I figured that was pretty good!!

I stopped in at Juicy Couture just to get my other daughter who wasn't able to come a treat as well!  They had some super cute little workout pants on sale....Since she's always working or going to school I figured she needed something cute for what little "down time" she has!!  I love the outlet mall :)

We also stopped in the Neiman Marcus final call store...I have to say that I loved pretty much every outfit and pair of shoes in that store.  If only I had an endless supply of shopping money ::sigh:: my goal is to save and go shopping once each season. 

As we were leaving I noticed the GORGEOUS sunset....a perfect end to a wonderful day !!

On our way back home we stopped in and had dinner at Pappadeaux!!  That was a real treat and somewhere we seldom go!!  Mmmmmm I think I could eat there every's also the only place I took grandson had to stop at the wishing well and make a few wishes!!  He was so cute!!  He also looooved the fish on the walls and would run look at them and then run back to the table to tell us all about them..that is after he got done checking out the lobster tank which was TOTALLY fascinating to him.  Thankfully there weren't that many people there and they weren't that close to us because generally we don't let them run in restaurants!!


Jessica with her new pink Guess purse LOL

Kids are so funny....they don't just toss money in they sling it in!!

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