Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Morning!!

There are just some days where I have to laugh at the craziness....which is of course pretty much every day with me!!

Let me preface this with the story of what happened the other day:

Sooo my daughter and I were shopping in the next town over and for some reason I was already having a stressful day so I said, let's drive through McDonald's (now I'm kind of wishing we would have just driven through the store haha) and I want to get a Mocha Frappe....when I'm stressed it's my favorite!!  So we order, THREE DRINKS....that's all...and the little girl on the other end takes our order over the loudspeaker and never ever comes back.  So we pull up.  And we wait...and we wait...and finally the line moves and we come to the window.  The cashier stuck her hand out the window and never told us an amount and my daughter handed her my debit card without really thinking about it ( I hate it when cashiers do that...generally I don't just hand them my card unless I have a total) so she rings it up, hands her my card and a receipt.  Jessica looks down at the receipt and realizes she just charged us for someone else's meal and charged us over $14.00 as well when all we ordered was three drinks.  I was really pissed at this point.  So Jessica knocks on the little window, she comes back, she tells her what happened...she tries to say well maybe someone drove off one drove off she just isn't good at what she she had to call the the meantime there are stacks and stacks of cars lining up behind us.  So he says he's sorry and what did we order....then I'm thinking maybe he will just give us the drinks....and then he asks us again what we ordered.......and then AGAIN....and then rings up the new amount on my debit card as well.  At this point I am pretty livid.  All I wanted was A DANG FRAPPE

.....and then he hands us our drinks and says if the refund doesn't show up on my card to come back and he will just give me cash back.  Yes, because I WANT TO COME BACK HERE.....So my simple trip to Mickey D's cost me $21.00 ....and then we were about two blocks away and I took a sip of my much longed for Frappe and it wasn't done right!!  OMG....their machine must not have been working right and it was like pure liquid.  It was not how it was supposed to be, it was gross....I didn't even drink it...I was so disappointed...I nearly cried.  And then it also took almost three days to have the money refunded to my debit card, insult added to injury LOL...

So that brings me to today's story.  

When I pick up my granddaughter in the mornings I pass by a Sonic.  They have great little frozen frappe's as well.  I thought, well dang it I am going to treat myself to one this morning, and after all my little granddaughter thinks it's great fun to steal sips of mine, she loves them almost as much as me....and EVERY 3 year old needs to be drinking those haha!!

I did a U Turn and there was a big truck parked on the side of the road next to the entrance of the Sonic.  There was a truck pulling out of the Sonic driveway.  So I came around the side of the big truck, and as I got close to the driveway a 2 liter of Pepsi that I had just purchased at the grocery store rolled off the front seat and I tried to catch it.....I was turning in as I did that..I was also saying....accckkkkkkk....and then as I was reaching to grab the Pepsi I hit my windshield wipers somehow and they came on so I am driving into the Sonic driveway screaming and looking crazy and my windshield wipers are going in completely dry weather.  I can only imagine what I must have looked like to the guy pulling out.  I started laughing.  I really hope it wasn't anyone I knew.  There was a time in my life where I always thought I looked "hot" in my car....

now pretty much I just resemble a crazy person. 

 I had bought my little granddaughter a candy bar at the grocery store.  She asked if she could have a piece while we were waiting in the drive through line.  I gave her a tiny piece and she ate it just fine.  She asked for another, I gave her some more.  I turn around to look at her and she is holding a melting square squishing in her hands and it is ALL OVER her whole face.....naturally.....I should have known better lolol I have been a grandma for way too long to have given her a bigger piece of chocolate haha.

I place my order for once again, THREE THINGS.  My Mocha Caramel Java chiller, a small apple juice box for Adleigh, and some tater tots.  We pull up and we wait...and we wait...they hand me her drink....they hand me the tots....and eventually another woman comes to the window and says:


Is there some new law somewhere that says that I can never again have one??

So they gave me a coke, and I came home.  

Now here I sit....still longing for the frosty goodness of a frozen coffee drink.......maybe one day.....maybe when I'm on vacation and far far away from home my dreams will come trueeeeeee!! 

Or maybe I should just stick with Starbucks!!    

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