Monday, July 23, 2012

My Birthday!!

I had a GREAT Birthday!!  My oldest daughter surprised me with a cake and presents the night before my birthday and my youngest daughter bought me my favorite miniature roses on my Birthday!!

I got to celebrate it with everyone I love, and that is what it's all about!!

This was such a beautiful cake.  It was called a NEAPOLITAN.  It had Strawberry frosting with chocolate ganache drizzle....from my fav cake shop CHEZ BAZAN!!

Who doesn't love gift cards to shop for makeup and then go out to eat at the Outback?!  Not to mention my favorite candle scent ever, ROSE??

YUM is all I can say...this cake was soooo good!!

The beautiful roses my sweet baby girl got me!!

On my actual "Birthday" this is what we did :)

I can't help it...and I will be the first to admit it, I'm a museum nerd....I love all museums so that's what I chose to do for my Birthday!! 

I had seen where the "Magic School Bus" was going to be at the Dallas Museum of Natural Science and have been wanting to take the grandkids for a while, so off we went on Thursday!!

It's such a neat place with so much to offer families!!

My little lovies!!

P, who LOVES all types of snakes now thanks to "Swamp Wars" was explaining to A what kind of snake this was!!


You can't tell it here, but I was laughing so hard....P and A were chasing the pigeons and P was "barking" at them!!

I actually see this look a lot :) :)

Love this little man!!

This was soooo funny....P stuck his head in the nose and it "sneezed" at blows air out!!

These are the neatest little paddle boats I have ever seen!!  I want my own ducky paddleboat!!

It just seems so iconic to have the State Fair Ferris Wheel in the background!!

This was such a wonderful way to spend my Birthday!!! 

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