Thursday, March 29, 2012

Turning back the hands of time ~ and my electric meter!!

I know every family has one, and my hubby is that person.  He will walk into every room that is unoccupied and turn off the light switch.  Every family also has one of me, who leaves every light on and never even notices.  I leave things plugged in, like chargers that have nothing charging. 

I am on a mission for the month of April though, to be a better "electricity and energy consumer".  Way "back in the day" I used to have a clothesline.  I love clothes dried outside, well, except towels, I am a sucker for soft fluffy towels so that may be hard to give up.  I am making plans to have one built and I will start drying clothes outside again.  When you think about it, why waste a perfectly warm windy day? 

I will try and police myself and unplug all appliances not in use and turn off every unneeded light. 

I just read this on

Unplug. Gadgets like a cellphone charger or microwave suck energy -- and generate heat -- as long as they're attached to a power source. Standby power for appliances not in use typically accounts for 5% to 10% of residential electricity use, according to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Plug those devices into a power strip that can be turned off when not in use.

I may even turn up the thermostat some, but that's kind of "iffy" lolol....and I can't help but wonder if the temp is higher but the ceiling fans are running don't they cancel each other out? 

Here's another awesome link with lots of money saving ideas for the home concerning electricity use!!

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