Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Photo A Day Challenge - Car

 Soooooo you know me....always breaking the "rules".....I can't take only one photo and I didn't take one of a "car" at was of a TRUCK!!  :)  I can't help it......I can instantly spot a PRCA Rodeo Cowboy Identification Decal a mile away.....I haven't seen anyone with one on their truck in a while so as we were leaving the restaurant we were eating at today I had to stop and snap a photo....I dated a PRCA cowboy "back in the day" and seeing this made me smile at the memories!!  :)

Then we stopped in at my youngest daughters house to visit on the way home!!  She had her niece there to play with her daughter /my granddaughter today, so my grandson who was with us as well,  jumped in the "Princess Jeep" they were driving and they all rode away together!!  This counts as a "car" right??

Hope everyone has had a Fabulous Thursday!!

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