Monday, March 12, 2012

Stick a fork in it.....Photo a Day Challenge (Fork)

Taking a picture of a fork around my house is almost impossible since they seem to be either in use or in the dishwasher being washed to be used yet another time....I might should buy stock in a fork manufacturer.....My daughter and I were riding down the road last night and I told her I wanted to go stick a couple hundred forks in a friends yard just for fun....she thinks I have lost my mind.....I can see the humor in's the best example I could find online!!

I of course think I would leave my initials or time Jackie and I threw about five packages of plastic easter eggs into a friend of hers backyard, in the dark, over their fence....ahhhh it was so funny and they never knew who did it....and I am pretty sure they will never read this blog so they will never know still.....but that's another blog.....

So here's a pic from the inside of my dishwasher and all the toasty warm FORKS.....that will be used again at supper tonight....and then thrown back in again......I think like most moms....that the "littles" probably throw out their forks from time to time which would explain why I always seem to be missing some!! 

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