Sunday, October 30, 2011

31 days of Blogging

I've been seeing quite a few of my friends joining in the 31 days of Blogging challenges, most of which ran for the whole month of October :)  Because this has been a busy busy month for me I am starting my "31 days of Blogging" challenge today!!  Technically I think it will be more like 32, but hey....what's one more day?!?

I've had the worst time trying to decide whether to do a whole month of the same category of topics, or whether to vary it up, touching on the topics most important to me for whatever reason. 

Soooo that being said.....I feel like I should start out with an


Some of you know me personally, you know what drives my stories and what my world revolves around, but I feel like there are so many of you that I need to introduce myself to!! 

Day 1

Intro To My Life

My name is Carol, I'm 46 and have been married for over 25 years now!!  My husband and I have made it through so many trials and tribulations along with such absolutely fantastic times in our lives.   It's funny how quickly the time flies.  I was just speaking to my Son In Law earlier today and he and my daughter will be celebrating their one year anniversary on Monday, the 7th of November!  He is just amazed at how quickly the time has flown!!  I'm so proud of them to have reached this milestone! (Have you noticed I love to talk about my kiddos??  They are the loves of my life <3!!)

I have two daughters in their twenties who are both now mothers, one is as I mentioned above married to a fine young man, and they have a daughter, and my other daughter will be getting married in just a few weeks and she has a son.  I also have one brand new grandbaby on the way due in early June!! 


to find out

 I am one happy Mimi!!  :) :)

For those of you who don't know, I have been my grandchildren's babysitter for the past five years while their moms work.  This way they don't have to add "daycare" to the list of expenses they have to pay for.  Not to mention I get to spend all sorts of extra wonderful time the GRANDS!! 

I feel very fortunate to have been able to do that for such a long time!!  I currently get to take my little grandson to Kindergarten every day now as well, and every morning the drive is filled with all sorts of interesting conversations which invariably find their ways into my blogs!!  :)

I am a woman of faith, I am a Christian.  I spent many of my early years in the deep South with my mother and grandparents.  My grandfather was a Deacon in a Southern Baptist Church, and those are some of my fondest memories, time spent in that church every Sunday morning, evening, and on Wednesday nights!!  :) 

My dad was in the Navy as I was growing up, (and retired as a Commander)  and much of the time I spent at my grandparents was when he was in Vietnam etc.  I sooo admire and respect our military families, I know first hand what it's like to have a family member  gone for lengths of time being deployed. 

I should add in how much I love to create things.  I think that side of me was influenced by my paternal grandparents, who were forever taking painting classes, or making things at home and letting me get right in there and help.  This is probably why I now have an addiction to the new website "Pinterest"'s just chock full of creative ideas, some of which I am sure I will share during my 31 days of blogging!!  I am forever planning a party in my head....I think part of it is the fun and challenge of creating a fun party, and the other part is just good ole Southern Hospitality, and we love to have our friends over and feed them and show them a great time and have them just totally enjoy themselves!!

This pretty well hits all the high points of learning about me, can't wait to start writing this month and letting you get to know me better, and I can't wait to get to know you better as well!!  I truly enjoy learning all about those who read my blogs!!

Have a beautiful afternoon, and thanks for stopping by!!


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