Wednesday, October 26, 2011

*Girl Talk*

I am a busy woman!!

Sometimes, way too busy for my own good. 

Always keeping things hopping and "plates spinning" as they say! 

Sometimes it seems as we live life in a blur, seldom stopping to take time for ourselves, time to do what we enjoy.  And no ladies (and gentlemen) no matter how much you enjoy doing things for your kids or spouse or whomever, I mean actually taking time FOR YOURSELF.  :) 

Yesterday a dear friend invited me to meet her for lunch today.  She mentioned that I always seem to "busy" that she didn't think I would have time!!   We chatted back and forth online and decided where we were meeting!!  While some of you may not think that lunch with a friend counts as something for myself, believe me, IT DOES!!  I spend almost every day with a small child near me, in need of a story, a diaper change, lunch, a snack, to get out for some ME TIME and ADULT CONVERSATION AWESOME!!!! 

It's so nice to do something out of the ordinary, to stop and take time to catch up with a dear friend.  Let go of the "busy"ness of life and just sit and laugh and find out what's going on in the world of the other people who matter to me as well. 

There's something nice about seeing the face of a friend, hugging them, and then sitting across from each other and talking and laughing non stop for a complete hour!!  Our waitress probably had to come back about five times before she could take our order because we were so busy catching up!! 

Today I realize that what "me time" I have shouldn't be spent catching up on laundry or dishes or the other "must do's" but it needs to be about making my heart happy as well and making sure that I include spending time with  those that I care about and who make me a better person all the way around!!

It kind of reminds me of that poem about how the laundry and dishes can wait because "babies don't keep".....well friend, make sure to also sometimes substitute the word "friendships don't keep" once in a while and go call a friend, make a point to get together, everything will wait while you go enjoy that precious time!!  <3

Friendship's Voice

Submitted by: JulieKQ
Author: Julie Quick
There are those certain voices,
that are music to the ear.
Such a verbal warm embrace,
the heart has longed to hear.

With every word that's spoken,
their face comes to my mind.
The voice my soul rejoices,
the face I look to find.


  1. It is hard to get me time also. I finally decided to take my hour lunch and go to the gym, walk on the treadmill and read a book to get time for myself. Crazy I know but it is so nice not to have a screaming kid on my leg or needing to change a diaper.

  2. Oh girl I don't think that's crazy at all!! I can TOTALLY understand why you would do that and I actually admire you doing that!! LOL I need to start exercising, and really, since I will have my little 2 1/2 year old granddaughter during the days starting in a few weeks again I don't know where I will squeeze in the time!! Right now I just have her two days :) I am proud of you chickie!!



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