Monday, October 17, 2011


I saw this game on Pinterest and thought it would fit in perfectly to our Charlie Brown Party this weekend!!  It's so simple :)

I went to Wal Mart and searched for some fabric in their "discount bin"

I found some light brown ticking that had been marked down to $2.98 for 3/4's of a yard!!

While I have some thread and needles at home, I went ahead and bought some orange thread and some new needles. 

I cut out six equal squares ( as equal as I could....I still ended up trimming some off the sides once I had them stitched together)

I believe these are called "whip stitches".  Start the stitches on the top right....stitch down to the bottom and up the left side.  Make a knot. 

Turn it inside out.  Poke the corners out with your fingers to make the bags square up.  Fill with your choice of beans or rice or whatever.  I used pinto beans in mine. :)

Fold the top sides inward and stitch shut. 

What my finished bean bag looks like.  I still have two more left to do, and I will paint a pumpkin on one and a Snoopy on the other.  My 5 year old grandson has already found this and has been throwing it all around the house.  He thinks it's AWESOME!!
I haven't bought the bucket yet, it was $2 at Wal Mart, and I am pretty sure I can go to the Dollar Tree and find one for $1 to make this game even cheaper!!

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