Monday, May 21, 2012

One Caramel Machiatto to go pleeeaase!!

Some days that start out the most stressful end up being the funniest!!  As some of you know, I've been fighting a battle with kidney stones for the past two weeks.  Let me assure you, if you've never had one, you most certainly don't want one!!  Because of how bad they are, I have to go in for surgery this Wednesday morning.  I was required to check into the hospital today and do all of my "pre surgery" lab work and tests.  I had REALLY been dreading it!!  It turned out that it went really well, had to do the typical blood work but also had to get an EKG done since they will be putting me under...ACK!!  Of course at this point, I think I would rather just not know what all they do!! :)

Sooooo because I just had Dr visits so much I had bribed myself that if I made it through it all that I would go buy myself a Frappucino from Starbucks.  I've been promising my son in law that I would bring him his favorite drink from Starbucks as a surprise for the past three weeks as well, so I figured I would get me one and him one and go surprise him.  HE WAS SURPRISED ALL RIGHT!!  HA!!

I was in the drive through when his wife (my daughter Jackie) called and we were chatting and I told her I was going to bring him a drink.  Then she says...."Oh no mom, he is at the dentists office getting his teeth cleaned"!!  I already had the drink in my hand when she said that and I was like well ummm what should I do with it and she said well go run it by there he will be happy to have it!!

So she told me  where it was located and I drove over there.  So here I go, into the dental office to the reception desk holding a Starbucks drink feeling like a crazy person and say  " Is my son in law Cody here?"...and they smiled and said yes, and then I have to tell them I had bought him a drink from Starbucks which they thought was funny that I was bringing it to him at the DENTISTS they ushered me back to his room....

to see his


 waltzing into the middle of his dentist visit carrying a Starbucks drink

they sat me down and I listened to what the dentist had to say about his teeth haha.....ahhhhh it was so funny...

so once they were through (which was actually only a few minutes) I laughed and said...

Here's your Caramel Machiatto :) :)

He laughed and luckily he was able to drink it after he got his teeth cleaned!!

I don't think it's every day that someones mother in law just randomly drops by their son in laws dental visit to bring them a Starbucks Drink!!  But I do love that boy!!

I laughed all the way home!!

Hope everyone else is having a spectacular Monday!!


  1. I think you're very sweet! && know Cody loves you too... maybe he'll bring you a frappucino to your Dr visit Wednesday. :)

    1. awww thanks and hahahaha yeah he should have sat in on my visit last week lmao!!



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