Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Storytime with Baby A ~ One of my MOST favorite things!!

As many of you know I have had the awesome privilege of babysitting my grandchildren  every day for their moms for the past five years.  :)  One of our most favorite things to do each week is to go to STORYTIME at one of our local public libraries.  I had read that this week they would have a different high school symphony orchestra come in and play for the kids.  When I saw that I knew I had to take Baby A even if this library is over 35 miles away from my home!!

We walked in right as the drum line was starting to play....It was AWESOME!!  And who doesn't love a good drum line?!?!

There were several different band "sections" there....I don't think I can name them all....they had the trumpet section, flute section, etc.....

Baby A had a good time and even started swaying back and forth with the music once or twice!!

The library even had thought ahead and gave every kid their own "instrument" to play along with the band.  She had such a good time banging on her coffee can drum!!

I just had to take a photo of her standing next to the TUBA!! 

After the performance was over the band director let the little ones have the opportunity to go look at all of the instruments and even bang on a drum or two!!  :)


I had to stop by the mall to return something to a store and she asked me for some "cream"....so being the AWESOME MiMi that I am I stopped at Dipping Dots and got her some Strawberry ones!!  On the way out of the mall she tripped a little and shook my arm and I sprinkled Dipping Dots all over the J.C. Penney floor....I know they appreciate that....man those things roll everywhere!! 

Sweet Baby A in the backseat enjoying her dots!!

Then when I got home, this surprise was waiting in the mailbox!!  Talk about making MiMi's heart melt!!  My grandson just moved two hours south of me.  He and his mother have lived with us on and off for the past five years so it's been quite an adjustment to have him so far away.  I took him shopping last weekend and he is coming up to spend the weekend this weekend because they have an extra day out of school!!  I will not turn down a chance to spend time with my favorite little boy ever!!

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