Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Running like a chicken.....

with my head cut off.....

we've all heard that saying , and I hate to admit it, but it sure does apply to me these last few weeks!!  Thankfully we are not having our actual "Family Christmas" until New Years Day just because of the way everyones work schedules fall around here.  This is the first year I think I've ever been SUPER EXCITED about having an extra week to finish up all of my projects!! 

Here are some of the projects I will be busy on for the next couple of weeks!!

The first is to totally redo my grandsons bed.  It's a single size wood "Captains Bed" that pretty much looks EXACTLY like this one.  My job is to transform it into a "FIRETRUCK BED".....I will be repainting it Fire Engine Red....Painting Tires on it, Painting on one end a silver grille and putting working headlights on....and then we will add a ladder and slide.  Amazingly all it will cost is about $100.00 which is MUCH less than what it costs to buy a firetruck bed!!  Since he is moving into a new house and a whole new room he wanted a "new theme".....and far be it from MiMi to not make sure he has what he wants LOL!!  Be looking for the before and after photos!!

I also saw on Pinterest the other day  how to make a DIY LEGO TABLE ~ I am going to make one for my grandson for Christmas...they are super easy....basically just paint an end table and then glue down four square lego "bases" on top and then VOILA they have a nice big table to play with their legos on...SUPER EASY....

and thennnnn...I want to make my brother one of these for his cat:  All you do is paint a popcorn tin a solid color and then do a stencil in whatever word you want....and VOILA they have a place to store cat/dog food!!  And then I want to make him one of those little fleece beds for his cat....at this point though I might could just buy it one and save the time!!

Popcorn containers spray painted for dog food storage.

and then I want to make one of these for each of my girls and sons in law ~ just because they are SUPER CUTE!!

You print out maps of where they met, where they married, and where they live now, and then frame them

where you met. where you married. where you honeymooned.

Those are just a FEW of the ideas and projects I want to get done between now and our family Christmas on January 1st!! 

If you don't hear much from me between now and then you will know I am knee deep in paint and glue!!

Merry Christmas Friends!!

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